When to Trust Your Intuition in Trading (How to Develop It)

Episode Summary: When to Trust Your Intuition in Trading (How to Develop It)

In this special episode #111, a number often associated with guidance and enlightenment, we dive into the intriguing intersection of intuition and trading. This episode explores the concept of angel number 111, highlighting its message of seeking guidance to fulfill one’s life purpose and the promise of happiness, abundance, and success it brings. It’s a fitting backdrop as we delve into the nuanced art of using intuition to make better decisions, surpassing the capabilities of the analytical mind.

However, the journey to effectively harnessing intuition in trading is not without its challenges. We emphasize the critical need for experience and training before relying on intuition. Initially, intuition might lead you astray, especially in fields where you lack expertise, such as trading. This is because intuition operates as a rapid decision-making tool based on your accumulated experiences and knowledge. For newcomers, intuition may offer advice opposite of what is beneficial, reflecting the risk-averse decision-making patterns ingrained by societal norms.

To navigate this, we lay out a roadmap for integrating intuition into your trading strategy. Starting without intuition is advised for beginners, focusing instead on developing a solid strategy, practicing on simulations or with microtransactions. A checklist or trading plan becomes essential during this phase, acting as a tangible guide to discipline and patience in your trading endeavors.

The shift towards trusting your intuition comes with time and experience. It’s a moment marked by your ability to execute trades and analyze markets without heavily relying on your checklist, indicating that your intuition has been honed by hours of conscious practice and experience. This transition signifies that intuition is now informed by a rich database of trading experiences, making it a valuable ally rather than a gamble.

In the episode, we also share personal insights into the transformation that occurs when intuition, shaped by thousands of trades and extensive market experience, begins to lead decision-making. The culmination of this journey is a trading approach that may seem unstructured to outsiders but is deeply rooted in a vast reservoir of strategies and experiences, from market cycles to geopolitical events.

In essence, this episode not only demystifies the role of intuition in trading but also provides a practical guide for developing and trusting your intuitive sense. It underscores the message that with patience, practice, and the right approach, intuition can evolve to be a powerful tool in a trader’s arsenal, leading to informed and inspired trading decisions.

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