We’re still here unlocking the user manual for your brain, and today’s podcast is all about unlocking the subconscious’ secret to motivation. If you haven’t caught up with other episodes yet, get over to our website and start listening. You’ll need to know what we did last episode and have your list of values ready in order to participate in today’s motivation exercise. 

We already know that motivation is what inspires us to move forward and pursue our goals. Whether these goals are for trading, your daily life, or both is entirely up to you. We just want to give you the tools and resources you need to get there.

To all of you listening right now, if you’re ready to unpack your values and your motivations, it’s really important for you to be honest with yourself. As you go through the exercise with us today, be sure to answer these questions as quickly and as honestly as you can. Your subconscious will always answer with your gut instinct, so the first and fastest answer is going to be your most honest and it’s what we’re looking for today.

So let’s get started! Mark offers himself up as guinea pig to show you how it’s done. Using his personal value system showcases the positive emotions that come from getting to know yourself better. The way Mark talks honestly about his values and how he frames his motivations is inspiring. He really demonstrates what it means to use toward motivations over away motivations, and you’re really going to learn a lot about being honest with yourself just by listening to him talk.

As we work through our values and motivations today, you’re going to hear a lot about away motivations and toward motivations. There’s no wrong or right way to be motivated, but if you’re away motivated, the challenge comes down to defining what you really want.

Sometimes these away motivations only work until you’ve gotten away from what’s bothering you. That’s when you realize you aren’t any closer to where you want to be, you’re just farther away from where you’ve been. This is when towards motivations often become more inspiring. Once you’ve gotten out of the negative environment, you can start to focus on what’s really important to you and develop a real sense of direction for yourself. 

Helping you develop this sense of direction is key to today’s episode. You need to have a sense of where you’re going if you want to unlock your subconscious. 

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Remember the prime directives we talked about? We discussed in other episodes how your subconscious loves to follow orders, so giving it a direction to follow is exactly what you need to do in order to tap into these motivations. Be as specific as possible or your subconscious is going to fill in the blanks for you by following the path of least resistance. This path may or may not take you to your end goal. That’s why you need to have a clear sense of direction before you embark on this journey.

Tune in right now because we’re here to help you do just that. Even if you’re not sure yet where you want to be, we can help you navigate your subconscious. Just have your list of values ready because they are the key to unlocking your subconscious motivations.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Mark’s biggest takeaways from last episode 2:00
  • What an “away motivation” looks like when it comes to your values 8:33
  • The main differences between “towards motivations” and “away motivations” 11:00
  • How to be specific with your motivations so your subconscious can move you towards them 15:52
  • Words that are associated with “away motivations” 27:40
  • The importance of intrinsic motivation vs. external motivation 29:32
  • Our favorite example of towards motivation vs. away motivation 32:20

Some Questions We Discuss 

  • Why do you need to answer these questions as honestly as you can? 1:30
  • What is most important to you when it comes to your #1 value? 5:55
  • Why do we need a sense of direction as we navigate our motivation system? 13:40
  • What is most important to Mark when it comes to his sustainability value? 17:50
  • What is most important about the progress value? 23:00
  • Why do our values and motivations change overtime? 28:32
  • What’s in store for our next episode? 36:55

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  1. Happiness can mean/be different things for diff ppl; we still know what happiness is ..

    .. splitting hairs; guys, cmon, man .. what is this podcast .. the motivation can be different based on circumstances ..this is universally accepted, no need to parse, it is understood ..

    This is extremely dangerous; it is messing ppl up ..

    Broke can b ..let’s redress that question; how much do you need to maintain your current lifestyle ..that’s what to aim at in a given day. And kinda hard to be happy when broke ..

    Ok 😉 Mark, just made me like this ..escape. Ty

    Yeah, 😀 our friend Jerome from SocGen should’ve included one word there – profitable

    Mark exactly (when you go back)

    😉 This is interesting, I complain, we prolly fight..then I end up digging what I hear ..George, can nvr ask too many q’s

    Ok, now we’re getting past the..to the good stuff (internal motivator, see this is genuine ..not the apriori) ..Totally, and if you don’t have this, drive, your why, you ‘ll find it v difficult to sustain n’ persevere ..

    .. absolutely don’t trade your PnL ..

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