We all have a special superpower, which is the power of positive thinking.

The thoughts you think and how you share them is powerful enough to change who you are. Words and thoughts are energy, and they interact with all of the energy around us to influence our life and our decisions. Remember, there’s no such thing as empty space. It’s all filled with energy, and the kind of energy you put into it will directly influence what you get out. So if you fill that space with self-doubt and negative thinking, how are you supposed to pull something positive out of it? 

Don’t worry, the trick to positive thinking is easy. We’re sharing our favorite quotes and social experiments to show you how positive thinking works and, more importantly, how you can make it work for you.

The first step is taking a mental inventory of what you’re thinking about. Try it right now. Before listening to this podcast, make a note of all the things you were thinking this morning. What were you thinking about at lunch? What did you think about before you went to sleep last night? Write it all down and then push play. We’re about to show you want to do with all of those thoughts with our 9-Day Positivity Challenge.

This challenge will be easy if you’ve been listening to the previous episodes in this series. If you’re already living at cause, then positive thinking will be an easy hurdle to cross. You already know that the subconscious doesn’t think in negatives, so you recognize that you hold the power to change your life with simple language.

Thoughts and words can cultivate the results you’re looking for, you just have to know when to turn the volume down on that negative thinking. That’s when those positive thoughts can come to light. As long as you’re specific with your thoughts, you subconscious will quickly pick up on this positive energy and guide your decisions accordingly.

After today’s powerful conclusion, you’ll be well-versed in the psychology of your subconscious. This positive guidance is easy to apply to your trade strategies once you know how to apply them to yourself. You’ll be able to take everything you’ve learned from this series and use it in our upcoming episodes to become the successful trader you’ve always wanted to be.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • The power of words and how they affect different objects 4:30
  • Skepticism is a good thing, especially in trading 6:45
  • How to take responsibility for your actions with your thought process 12:30
  • Opposites don’t always attract 15:00
  • Our favorite quote from Napoleon Hill 23:04
  • Our favorite quote from James Allen 27:24
  • Our favorite quote from Guy Finley 38:05
  • The top 3 questions to answer in your gratuity journal every night 42:31
  • How to find the silver lining in your setbacks 44:51
  • Our all-time favorite books for positive thinking: 49:40

Some Questions We Discussed

  • What did Dr. Masaru Emoto discover when he talked to water? 1:18
  • What do you think about most of the time? 9:45
  • We’re all superheroes, but what’s your superpower? 17:45
  • How specific do we have to be with our positive thinking? 24:20
  • What’s the first step in our Positivity Shift Challenge? 30:40
  • Why do we think of ourselves as Lamborghinis? 34:22
  • What are you grateful for? 41:15
  • What’s coming up in our next episodes about trading psychology? 48:43
  • Have you listened to all 5 episodes in our mini-series? 51:47


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  1. This is true. Givers draw in more givers (light side) and takers (dark) do the same ..

    This is simplistic. You are responsible for the outcome onlysofar as you are given the opportunity; problems have their proper place but, since you mentioned Hitler, much like the Nüremberg Trials weren’t they looking to blame too? ..

    Not necessarily; you can be faced w/ fear, how the hell is it you that are to blame then? Rather, we should applaud the ppl for pushing thru it ..Take it from survivors and there’s a great book Deep Survival. ‘..it doesn’t mean survivors aren’t scared. it simply means they have come up w/ a plan.’


    This is not true; Einstein WAS quantum physics even he said time travel is possible

    When you call someone it ‘s transmitted by cell towers, likewise energy transfers ..it dsn’t matter what it travels thru

    ..this is like aalaalaa covering ears, the army is outside, so just draw the curtains, louch on your couch and eat cupcakes..I mean wtf ..

    it is true if you get a neg thought, pay close attn to it ..if a physical manifestaton (truck crash and someone offers you a ride in a truck) don’t take it ..
    this is how we must do; for me you can’t walk away b/c then ..you could; but then you’d feel ..so what then happens you feel like having left smth and walking away w/ a rope..This has to do w/ your mission; and if it involves telling your truth you’ll feel inadequate ..

    Remember; knowing your mission doesn’t mean we’d never have or experience negative emotions, thoughts again; it simply means they get their proper place ..

    Parents – it is no accident we were born to, have the particular ones we do.

    Same w/ podcasts ..we need to hear certain things in our life at given times ..

    That is true abt the internet ..

    ffs focusing on a prob has got nothing to do w/ victimizing yourself; it is being realistic, acknowledging the problem on hand then you can go change it ..


    Totally subscribe on the appreciating beauty ..
    Totally on the silver lining this doesn’t mean that we can’t place blame or get upset, it’s normal ..ofc you’re still in ctrl ..

    ..depends; we must investigate where the blame is, lay it accordingly then move on ..You are in ctrl, you can do smth abt it to set things rights then move on ..fixed it..

    (lol) this is funny ‘cos in Morning Update 28.4/24.4 George says don’t ask why ..

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