Last episode we wrapped up on the power of positive thought, and it’s an excellent segway into our sixth episode on rethinking your self-worth. You may not realize it now, but your sense of self-worth has a huge effect on your trading. The things you think you deserve revolves around how much you think you’re worth. If you think you aren’t worthy of something, how do you think you’ll ever become a successful trader? 

Listen to this episode now with that thought in mind. Self-worth is your opinion of yourself and what’s most important to you once all the external factors are removed. Think about it, because we want to know not only how much you think you’re worth, but what does self-worth mean to you right now? What do you value most about yourself? How much of this value rests on the opinions of others? 

Don’t get overwhelmed by these questions. There’s actually a simple equation that will calculate your self-worth for you, and it might surprise you. We’re discussing it today but here’s a hint – you’re already worthy! You just have to accept it. That’s the trick and the hardest part of measuring your self-worth. But once you accept that you’re worthy of the success you’re working towards, this whole trading thing becomes a whole lot easier. 

Accepting your self-worth is at the core of today’s episode. Social media, negative thinking, and other people’s opinions all contribute to your sense of self-worth, and they can all diminish the way you feel about yourself if you let them. Today, we’re reminding you to Live At Cause and let go of these external factors and focus on only the things that are important to you.

We share techniques to help you navigate social media in healthy ways, and teach you to look for opportunities to reverse engineer your goals when you start seeing things on Instagram that might bring you down. Rethinking your self-worth involves looking at yourself from the outside and stop comparing yourself to others in the industry. Use them for motivation and education, not as a marker of what you’re not.

Progress isn’t linear, and your self-worth can’t be measured by a linear projection either. As Mark says today, your first chapter can’t be compared to someone else’s Chapter Twenty. Remember to give yourself props for the work you’re doing, and we have a few tips to help you change your mindset when things get tough.

“Be careful: the opinion you have of yourself ends up manifesting in the world around you.” Click To Tweet

Your biggest takeaway from today’s episode will be not only recognizing your own self-worth, but being able to recognize it in others. When you’re aware of your own self-worth, it becomes easier to accept or reject another’s opinions of you without rejecting that person all together. You’ll understand them better simply because you understand yourself better, and that’s the ultimate achievement. 

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • That social media is a big contributor to a growing lack sense of self-worth in our generation 5:09
  • Why you shouldn’t be comparing your first years of trading to somebody’s decades of experience 11:11
  • How Living at Cause can help improve your sense of self-worth 19:30
  • What to do when people give you their opinion (whether you asked for it or not) 23:33
  • Just exactly how big a human brain can grow 29:02
  • A recap of the steps to elevate your self-worth and apply it to your trading 33:15
  • How to keep a gratuity journal 40:50

Some Questions We Discuss

  • What does self-worth mean to you? 1:28
  • What do you think your self-worth is? 13:35
  • Is there a quantifiable metric to measure self-worth? 16:40
  • How many times did someone else’s opinion affect your self-worth? 18:21
  • Do you think you deserve successful trader? 27:30
  • What’s the connection between your income goals and your self worth? 39:29
  • What are two ways you can start rethinking your self-worth right now? 43:55

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