Get ready! We’re flipping the script completely today here on Mind Over Markets. Your host, George Papazov, just finished writing his first book and we’re asking him all about it. You’ll discover the inspiration behind his book and the motivations that led him to finally put pen to paper. You’ll even find out how he came up with the title – Path to Profit: A Trader’s Journey to Success.

What George shares with us today is that writing a book is a very vulnerable project. But being able to share his story and his journey with fellow trade pros like us is worth every bit of the struggle. Back in our day, when we were first stepping into professional trading, it was really hard to access other successful traders and learn from their stories. Being able to learn through Geroge’s story and what he’s been through is an extremely empowering process and can make you a better trader. 

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That’s why George included personal questions and exercises at the end of each of his chapters, and we go into some of those exercises today. Path to Profit is more than just an autobiography. Reading this book is like a mindset meditation that can help you on your own journey to trade success. We all know that everyone’s journey is different, and rather than force one kind of strategy on you, George opens the floor to let you explore your options and learn from his experiences.

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You’ll also hear about some of the big challenges George faced while writing, including how hard it is to actually think of a title. Some of the surprises he faced during this process might surprise you as well, so listen carefully to the nuggets George is sharing today. Especially if you’re considering writing your own book. It’s always hard to open up and reveal your personal story, but George is proof that sharing it with others is the best way to learn, and you can learn a lot just by listening to this episode.

Tune in now for the big secret that George reveals at the end of this podcast, and also in the end of his new book Path to Profit: A Trader’s Journey to Success!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • That your host George Papazov wrote his first book 1:06
  • How to find the inspiration to write a book 6:33
  • Your personal journey will never be a straight line 7:50
  • The significance behind the title of the book “Path to Profit” 12:20
  • What kinds of questions and exercises are at the end of every chapter 16:45
  • All about George’s sense of hustle and how it’s impacted his trading 24:30
  • The biggest highlight of Path to Profit: A Trader’s Journey to Success 31:36
  • Where you can leave us a review on iTunes 39:18

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • What do you think makes a good story? 2:10
  • What was George’s favorite chapter to write? 5:45
  • When did George realize he wanted to write a book for other trade pros? 9:46
  • What challenges did George face while writing his book? 13:28
  • What surprised George the most while writing Path to Profit? 19:11
  • What is George’s biggest motivation? 28:25
  • Will George spill a secret this episode? 34:00
  • How can you flip the script on failures and look at them as feedback? 36:13


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