In today’s episode, we discuss how your physical environment influences your trading performance, as well as the components that go into building a high-performance trading environment so that you can put together a space that inspires you every time you sit down to trade! 

Working from home has its obvious benefits and these include:

  • Avoiding the daily commute
  • Working flexible hours
  • Relaxed, comfortable environment

With this freedom comes great responsibility!

It becomes increasingly more important to separate your trading environment from where you spend the majority of your day at home when not trading because failing to do so can lead to a lot of distractions that will throw you off of your game..and that’s the opposite of what we are after here!

So what are the components that make up a high-performance home trading environment?

(1) A quiet, dedicated space for YOU.

(2) A comfortable desk.

(3) A comfortable, ergonomic chair.

(4) A computer with solid specs

(5) Monitors (2 at a minimum if day trading)

Now understand that having a quiet space and the equipment to run your trading business operations is not enough to qualify as a high-performance environment… this is only the first piece of the puzzle!

There are some additional tips and hacks that you can implement in order to really optimize your space for high – performance.

To start, you will want to ensure that the office space is clutter-free because clean and organized spaces tend to have higher energy to them – which you will need!

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind,  so make sure that your desk area is clean so that you are not starting the day or the session with clutter on your mind!

As we mentioned earlier, the best trading environment is one where there are no distractions! A great way to mitigate them [the distractions] is to put any and all of your electronic devices on airplane mode or silent when you are at your trading desk.

If something isn't helping you perform then it's likely hurting you Click To Tweet

Let that sink in!

One of the ways many athletes get into the winning mindset is by using visualizations! This is something we would highly recommend you outfit your trading space with so that you can always remember why you are doing this (trading) when you eventually run into challenges and obstacles.

If there are any experiences that you want – print them and post them in your space. Material things too? Perfect – print em and post them up.

This is something that is unique to YOU – whether its positive messages, quotes, posters, or reinforcement – if it inspires you, you should have the visual readily available in your office.

Another little psychological hack is to include memorabilia, trophies and/or success symbols in your office. This can be anything that reminds you of times you won, felt high vibes, or just generally felt at your best and blessed. By doing so, you will be priming your mind with the emotions related to winning and success so that you bring that same winning attitude to your trading desk with you!

Stick around until the end and you will have all of the components that you need in order to build the high-performance trading environment that will take your trading to the next level!

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • The two types of trading environments for traders  02:24
  • How long it takes to get into a flow state for high-performance 07:40
  • Why the TRADEPRO team uses standing desks in the TPA office 13:45
  • How many monitors you need in your trading office 21:00
  • Why a clean office space leads to a clear mind 33:00
  • Visual reminders as a method to attract the results you’re looking to achieve 39:04
  • The finishing touches on comfort and productivity 52:00

Some Things We Also Discuss

  • How work-life balance can blur when working from home 04:00
  • Why a quite space is crucial for performance 12:15
  • How a comfortable ergonomic chair can protect your mental capital 17:30
  • How to choose which computer you should get for the office 29:50
  • Why our phones have become a dopamine hit for us 37:50
  • How to replicate the feeling of winning in your trading office 47:00


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