Welcome to the third part of our five-part series: Unlocking the User Manual for Your Brain. In our last two episodes we discussed the motivations and directives driving the subconscious mind. Today we’re taking a closer look at the personal value system these directives create for us.

Today’s episode in particular is very near and dear to us because values motivate everything we do. At Trade Pro Academy, our top value is Empathy. We call it “we care” because it’s the genuine emotion our team is going for when we work together. Right now, we’re working together to help you cultivate the winning mindset you need to become a successful trader because we care about your success story. 

Your values are important to your success story. They are instilled in you at birth and are fully formed by the time we turn 7. All of our internal programming is based on this personal value systems, and these values continue to guide our subconscious mind as it processes and interprets our reality. So when you’re trying to make a change to your behavior or your trade strategy, you really need to tap into your personal value system.

You can tap into your personal value system right now when you listen to this episode. We created a quick 20 minute exercise in this podcast that can help you uncover and connect with your own personal values as they relate to your career. If you’re listening while driving, safety first. Please wait until you’re at home or in a quiet, personal space where you can connect with your subconscious and get in deep with your values. 

On today’s episode you’ll find that everyone’s values are different. Not one person’s values are better than another’s, but eliciting our own personal value systems is going to be a different experience for everyone listening.

Mark is brave enough to use his own value system today, and you might find that some of his values don’t make sense to you. For example, sustainability is one of Mark’s top 3 values. Your definition of sustainability could be different because that word is being filtered through your own subconscious mind. Remember what we said about the subconscious taking everything personally? Think about what these words mean to you when you’re assessing your value system, not somebody else. And be sure to write them down because we’ll be using them in our next episode.

This meaning and alignment is important, because when your actions aren’t aligned with your top values, then you’re not going to be happy with your life. A sense of unfulfillment will be nagging at you, and it won’t disappear until you realign yourself with your values.

How can you make that change? How can you apply these changes to your trade strategy? Listen to this podcast to find out because we’re going over a pyramid that can help you change your values and, ultimately, your way of thinking.

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As you do this exercise with us today you’ll learn that changing your environment is the easiest step to take, but it’s also unlikely to make a lasting change. It’s not until you start getting your hands dirty and changing your value system that you’ll start to notice major positive changes in your life. With your values aligned, it will then be easier to tap into your identity and sense of purpose. Tune in now to start eliciting your values and making a change, and stay tuned for more in our upcoming episodes of Mind Over Markets. 

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • A brand new definition for the word “values” 1:13
  • Times in our lives where other value systems play an important role 4:50
  • The 6 main categories of personal values 12:21 
  • A simple step-by-step process to uncover your personal values 15:10
  • The 5 levels of personal change and development 28:09
  • Why it’s important to find a mentor if you want to change your value system 36:10
  • Questions to ask yourself to uncover your personal value system 43:35

Some Questions We Discuss

  • How old are we when we develop our personal value systems? 2:25
  • Where do our personal value systems come from? 7:25
  • Why did money end up being the least important value to Mark? 21:42
  • What happens when you aren’t aligned your top 3 values? 25:20
  • Why do we want you to only use “I am” words? 34:46
  • What is muscle testing and how can it help us connect with our subconscious mind? 37:50

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  1. ..not what..you’re abt to achieve, well .. But who you are.

    I contest that certain values aren’t better than others; communism and the death of a 100m. innocent ..

    ..dunno; I listen, if I agree it assimilates, if not .. I defend my own ..

    .. huh? .. No; if you hit 10; you maintain it; why let it slide back ..

    True; writers (being an author myself) the first draft is written with the heart the second w/ the head

    This is the kind that enrages me; so what is real and what isn’t, then? Sustainability means able to uphold; yeah; this is like lol ppl online thinking you can’t get to know ’em..yea; you can; b/cause what we say, and do..and/or do.. is us..It becomes us ..

    Mark, this doesn’t surprise me one bit; gotta love what you do, ‘cos we can nvr be succesful in anything if don’t love what it is one does ..passion ..

    environment influences behavior ..yea, when you figure out your why the how will take care of itself..

    each of us has a mission .. what were your fav subjects as a child, then in school, was there a coincidence that led to your first job ..

    That is how you know. And to do this in professional capacity speaking the truth.

    It is true; much like some of the greatest prayers are not requests; they are affirmations ..but no; again; you’re not a succesful trader – yet;

    yea deserve to win and be happy; these are fine ..but, as i said above, and if you are abundant why are you trading then (if like it, great; but that’s different)..

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