Anthony Drager discusses his personal trading strategy and how he executes on order flow in the futures market.

He draws on some fascinating experience from the trading floor and his transition to electronic trading at a prop firm.  In this episode we get personal and ask him questions about HIS trading.

This episode touched on some amazing golden nuggets you won’t want to miss:

  • Ready, aim fire – three step trading approach Anthony uses
  • We hone in on his personal trade entry and exit strategies
  • Nothing is gonna go up that’s expensive
  • Nothing is gonna go down that’s cheap
  • What to do instead of starting the day with a bias
  • How to make more money in trading without catching bigger moves
  • How to fund your account with the amount of money that’s right for you
  • How long professional traders have to start performing or be fired – the answer WILL shock you
  • You didn’t start trading when you thought you did – this will get you thinking deeply, guaranteed
  • Biggest winning and losing days revealed

We love having Anthony on the show, and thank him for opening up about his personal trading and sharing so much value with our listeners.

If you want to get a hold of Anthony:

Thank you for listening.


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