In this fascinating episode we talk about how buying and selling actually moves the markets.  This isn’t an indicator or strategy, this is the VERY REASON that MARKETS MOVE!

We do a deep dive on market and limit orders, and how big position traders move through the book.  When you understand what you are watching for, it gives you high probability trades with little risk when you see it happen.  This is the true power of order flow.

Find out more about:

  • How to find desperate buyers and sellers
  • Reading level 2 like a professional order flow trader
  • What truly moves markets, and exactly how it is done
  • How institutional traders work huge positions
  • Finding high probability, low risk trade setups on a daily basis
  • Why retail traders always buy the extremes and get stopped out
  • How to find good trend entries, and good trend reversals using order flow
  • PLUS an example of a trader working a big order for a client

This episode is a must listen for every trader, because when you understand how large positions are executed, you will understand what truly moves the market.  

Imagine being able to know with certainty when institutions are either dumping or accumulating massive positions? What power do you think this WILL have for your trading?  

Enjoy this episode, it is by far one of my favorite and most impactful I have recorded.


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