In this episode, former floor and prop trader Anthony Drager comes back for another interview.

This time we talk about the foundations of order flow, and unpack some “seemingly simple” concepts into full detail, and explain why most people are doing order flow wrong.

Also, Anthony Drager shares his awesome 4 golden rules of trading – and you definitely want to catch those and start applying them immediately.

This will easily become a top episode and a favorite – be sure to have a listen.

In this episode, we cover these topics and more in depth:

  • You’re not supposed to make money in the micros
  • Liquidity and HFT programs how they work
  • Hidden liquidity and iceberg orders 
  • Once you’re short you have to buy to get out
  • How to spot turning moments when stops are gonna be run
  • 4 golden rules of day trading
  • Why the market always goes to the orders
  • It’s okay to be wrong, but not wrong for long
  • PLUS a lot more golden nuggets you DO NOT want to MISS


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