The biggest problem with goals is that they are a prediction of the future.  Sure it’s amazing to know what you want, but sometimes planning too much on how exactly you will achieve them leaves blind spots to the reality of how you’re gonna get there.

There’s an old saying, “make a plan so you know what’s not gonna happen”. 

You can’t predict the future 5 mins out – how the heck do you expect to predict something complicated as a goal, the steps you need to take, the exact timing, foreseeing an infinite possibility of challenges, health, lifestyle, needs… etc.  You can’t.  It’s impossible.

The good news is that you don’t have to even try.  There is an easier way.

In this episode I will share with you some life changing shifts:

  • How to finally let go of your anxiety about achieving goals, or not having them at all
  • How to start thinking like you have already achieved your goals
  • Creating strong visualizations that will achieve what you want faster than having goals
  • How to become instantly successful now, without goals
  • Living a more fulfilling life than a billionaire
  • Plus so much more, to help you become a success machine

I hope you enjoy this episode, and I look forward to hearing how you plan to apply this material to get what you want faster.

What were some of your goals before listening?  What are you trying to achieve now?


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