This is a very powerful, and inspirational interview with Gerald.

His story spans from extreme business success, to finding himself in prison. In prison, Gerald discovered trading and even started to get quotes on the phone and drawing his own charts and indicators behind bars.  Gerald pushed through his challenges, and continued his pursuit to become a successful trader.

Gerald is a fantastic example of a comeback story, and it’s truly inspirational to anyone having challenges in life trying to pursue a career in trading.

We go into fascinating topics on this podcast episode:

  • The success of his business early on to 7 figures, employing hundreds of people across 6 offices
  • How things took a turn for the worse
  • How he discovered trading in prison
  • The fascinating story of getting market quotes on the phone and creating his own charts with pen and paper
  • Realizing that trading can become not just an income source, but a means to inspire people in lower income neighborhoods

This episode will have some massive revelations, and help inspire all traders who are going through personal struggles.

Big thank you to Gerald for opening up, getting vulnerable and sharing his powerful story.

And a special thanks to YOU – our listeners. We hope you are enjoying our podcast.


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