Job, Leo and myself talk all order flow, trading execution and strategy. In this episode we deep dive into a lot of topics new traders have a struggle with; picking a market to trade and utilizing a strategy with an edge.  This is a fantastic discussion with two order flow gurus you do not want to miss.

The first episode with Job was a hit, and you can listen to it here: Episode 79: Demystifying Order Flow with Job.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Order flow trading tools and strategies
  • Trade entry timing
  • Managing open trades
  • 100 point runners
  • Scratching trades
  • Profit targets and brackets for Nasdaq
  • Trading with hotkeys
  • New amazing tools for Sierra Charts: the Order Flow Labs suite

We had an overall fascinating discussion pertaining to order flow trading, and took a deep dive into many topics that will help you level up your futures day trading.

This episode is a must listen!


Where to find Job & Leo? 


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