Traders are professional loss takers – that’s what makes us different.

In today’s episode I will share with you my 5 biggest failures, and how they actually helped me in both life and trading.

I personally believe in a saying, “there is no failure, only feedback”.  From this angle, we can take any experience and extract the positives, while letting go any negative emotions that may still be associated.

This episode includes discussion on:

  • How to extract the learning lessons from past failures
  • My personal biggest failures in life, including a $30,000 USD losing day on Nasdaq
  • How living out someone’s ideas can be detrimental to your own ambitions
  • How nothing you do is useless, and the surprising ways it can help you later on in life
  • I waited too long to start trading for myself full time, here what I wish I knew before
  • How ignoring my health goals led me to a nearly fatal incident

This episode WILL make you take  your past failures, and shift your mindset to seeing them as an opportunity to improve.  You will walk away feeling like a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Plus, at the end of the episode, I include an exercise for you to try to get even more positive results out of your past failed ventures.

I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast, it was scary for me to plan and record.



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