Trading discipline is a loosely thrown around term, but what does it actually  mean?  What causes you to break down discipline, and how do you fix these actions to improve your trading performance?

This episode discusses the 5 reasons your trading discipline breaks down, with specific instructions on how to fix each.

This episode includes tips on these topics:

  • PROOF that YOU are extremely disciplined… just not in trading
  • Having a trading plan – the important and connection to discipline
  • Not following your rules – why you are purposely and willingly not sticking to your plan
  • Getting emotional after a loss – this is why it happens and how to stop it
  • Trading for money, not process – the desire to make money is actually harming your potential
  • Wanting to get back into a trade after a loss – the revenge trade symptoms and how you can catch the trigger early on
  • PLUS a whole lot more value in this jam-packed episode!

This episode has the potential to turn around your trading, by eliminating the behaviors that are costing you money through self-sabotage.

You are already disciplined, now it’s time to apply the fixes and see the difference it can make in your life (and ultimately trading).



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