When is it time to stop trading for good?  Quitting has been made extremely hard by society’s ideas of “fighting through” and our fascination with the underdog story.   However, there comes a time when you may want to consider making an exit from the industry.

This was a somewhat difficult topic to cover with Victorio, as it can really be triggering to some people and elicit negative emotions.  However, we focus on the positives and also provide some light at the end of the tunnel you will not want to miss.

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, this podcast is for you.

This episode covers some important topics:

  • Should you take a break or quit altogether? Important distinction.
  • One mindset adjustment to try before pulling the plug.
  • 12 signs you might consider quitting.
  • How to flip quitting into a positive outcome.
  • Making the most of what you learned from trading.
  • How to transition positively into the next phase of your life.



This episode unpacks certain topics that are extremely serious, like depression and addiction.  If you are suffering or believe you might be, it is VERY IMPORTANT to seek professional help with your local health care resources.  Healing is a journey, and half the battle is asking for help.  While we focused on the positives, you may find certain topics triggering.   Just a heads up.

No matter what you decide, know that many of the most successful people have been plagued with past failures, which are rarely discussed and never celebrated.  The journey of life is full of ups and downs, and everyone can find their path – even if it is not trading.

Hopefully this has inspired you and also brought you some real considerations no matter what step of the journey you are in.

Sending you love, joy, health and happiness to you and your family.


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