You are receiving messages daily, which you have no conscious awareness of.  In fact, subliminal priming can influence your behavior without your knowledge. 

This has been used by marketers for decades, but in today’s episode I tell you how it is impacting your trading negatively.  Also, I share with you how you can actually flip this around and use subluminal priming to your advantage in trading and in life.  This is a MUST listen, as it will help you get your power and control back.

This episode is jam-packed with valuable discussion on:

  • How something as simple as a facial expression can influence your actions
  • Surprising function of the subconscious mind and why it can be primed and influenced
  • How your trading losses could be caused directly by something as simple as a picture of your mom
  • Designing your trading space to include positive priming
  • Actionable exercises on how to turn priming into your biggest strength as a trader

This episode is extremely helpful to day traders who are having a hard time getting profitable.  While this is not the magic pill to turn it all around, in this episode you’ll learn how to remove negative priming programs and leave you success mind oriented.  You will see positive results in your life and trading.

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed the show.


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