In today’s episode, George is joined by options trader Victorio Stefanov, of TRADEPRO Academy.  George and Victorio talk about the different trading styles, and how you can decide yours to match your personality and unique goals.

During this episode, we deep dive into these topics and more:

  • Breaking down the 3 styles: day trading, swing trading and investing
  • Why new traders make the mistake to trade an asset that is not aligned to their goals
  • Why new traders should AVOID scalping – and common misconceptions
  • How social media sets unrealistic expectations
  • Why people make the mistake to trade the asset they see successful people showing on socials
  • George and Victorio discuss how they personally found their own style, and their journey getting there
  • Tips on how to find the right asset and trading style for YOU
  • How to set the proper time expectations while you are learning

If you are just starting out your trading or investing career, you do not want to miss this episode.  This show can save you years of waste time, and thousands of dollars in learning fees.  The most important part of succeeding in trading is making sure you are doing what is best for you, and not just following others around.

Also, we have a discussion around what assets are best for trading in different time zones around the world.

I hope you find today’s podcast episode extremely helpful in your personal trading journey.



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