In this exciting episode, we have a guest interview with Twitter futures trader and former member Job.  You can follow Job here on Twitter.

On the interview we discuss everything about order flow trading, and why this technique provides a trading strategy edge.

We discuss why trading the future market is a great opportunity:

  • Centralized order book 
  • Transparency 
  • Liquidity 
  • 24/5 trading hours 

Our goal was to demystify order flow trading, how market participant interact with each other and how that creates a trading edge.

We also discussed what order flow is not, and cleared up a lot of confusion about the topic from new traders.

Job mentioned his favorite tools for futures market analysis and how he uses them:

  • Market Profile
  • Volume Profile
  • Footprint Chart
  • Time and Sales
  • Delta

We then proceeded to discuss our individual trading styles, as well as trading psychology hacks to help traders improve their strategy and execution.

  • Importance of understanding not only your own psychology but mass psychology as it relates to the markets 
  • If you understand how retail traders think & act, you can trade against them 
  • The debilitating effect of cortisol on your trading, and how it shuts down your rational mindset and leads to enormous loss of control and destruction of capital 
  • Important of having and following YOUR trading plan

The episode finishes off with a fascinating discussion around how to treat trading like a real business, and the importance of shutting down your trading platform once you are done for the day.

This was an incredibly fun podcast to record, and guarantee to set off some big aha moments for you.  Get ready for a ton of learning and takeaways, this is an episode you can re-listen many times and still pull away new information.

We want to thank Job for appearing on our podcast, and for the awesome interview.   We look forward to having you on again for a follow up!


Where to find Job? 

  • Follow Job on Twitter 
  • Check out the Order Flow Blog that Job contributes to here 


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