In this episode, we’re excited to bring to you another student interview with TRADEPRO member Zalman Sulmayanov!

We recently sat down with Zalman for a great discussion on his trading journey since finding TRADEPRO Academy, what he has learned along the way to profitability and how he continues to develop and grow as a trader.

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Zalman originally hit our radars in our morning trading room one day when he commented to the panelists that he had his best day of the month and followed it up with a screenshot of his trading platform showing a live profit of over several hundred points on the ES futures – a five-figure gain on the session – not too shabby!

Zalman was willing to jump on the mic that day to share some of his processes with the community and the rest, as they say, is history!

Zalman’s journey truly shows what is possible if you remain committed to the process regardless of the obstacles you face along the way and today you’ll get some great insight into the reality of what the journey to achieving consistent profitability in trading actually looks like from somebody that has done it within 2 years.

Here is a summary of what we discussed: 

  • Life as an entrepreneur before finding trading 02:45
  • The series of unfortunate events that led Zalman to pursue a career in trading  05:30
  • How Zalman’s mother and grandparents influenced his entrepreneurial mindset 08:03
  • The inherent risks of starting any new business venture  11:30
  • The transition from a traditional business model to trading 14:00
  • Why the low barrier to entry in trading might actually be a disadvantage for some traders 18:08
  • Why Zalman prefers to trade the futures market instead of stocks or options 22:00
  • Bouncing around from one trading group to another until finding TRADEPRO  26:33
  • Getting burnt early on in the journey by looking for shortcuts  31:00
  • Why just sitting and watching the markets without trading is critical for a new trader’s development 35:00
  • Being unique as a trader and not following the herd 42:01
  • Modifying your trading style to work with your personality 47:00
  • Why traders need to have an arsenal of strategies to capitalize on different market conditions 50:00
  • The more screentime you get, the more obvious some things start to become 55:34
  • Trading has to be treated like a business  because it’s not some game 59:49
  • Why you should expect to commit one-year minimum before making any money trading 64:00


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  1. This episode hit me like a punch in the face, lol.
    Laughter, inspiration, and motivation all in one podcast.
    Great work!

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