As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, the team at TRADEPRO sends our appreciation and gratitude to all of the female traders out there! 

If you look at the trading industry these days, the unfortunate reality is that it still remains a “boys club”, however, we are happy to see that there are a growing number of female traders out there silently killing the markets.

One of those traders, Sarah Glass, happens to be the new face on our TRADEPRO trading desk and in today’s episode, Sarah joins us to discuss her trading journey and some great insights for other women looking to get started on their own trading journeys. 

Since joining our team at TRADEPRO, Sarah has become a community favorite in the Options room because she is an amazing options trader with an impeccable understanding of order flow and her ability to decipher institutional orders into actionable trades is unparalleled.

Learn about how Sarah got started in this industry and how she is quickly becoming a role model for the women in our TRADEPRO community!

Some of the topics we discussed in today’s episode include: 

  • How Sarah got started in the trading industry
  • What it takes to become a successful, full-time trader
  • The benefits of being trained by an institutional trader off the get-go
  • The importance of meditation in a trader’s routine
  • How women can get more involved with trading
  • The lack of female role models in the industry
  • How Sarah’s psychology has developed with trading experience
  • Advice to beginners if she had to start over from scratch


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  1. Awesome interview! I totally enjoyed it. Thank you very much!

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