In today’s episode, we are going to be discussing how traders can tap into the subconscious mind to remove their fears about trading

It’s no secret that we are our own biggest obstacles – and our minds – more specifically our thoughts – play a huge role in the actions that we take and the realities that we manifest. 

If we can only get out of our own heads and get out of our own way- what kind of effect would that have on your trading performance? 

If you feel like fear is holding you back from becoming the trader that you can be, stay tuned, because this episode is for you! 

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real 

  • A person’s greatest enemy is fear 
  • What most don’t realize is that fear is simply a negative thought in your mind 
  • In simple terms, you are afraid of your thoughts  
  • When you combine the thoughts you have with emotion, these are realized in the subconscious mind
  • The reality is that the best way to tackle your fears is head on 
  • But before you can do this, you must first make the conscious decision to master your fears
  • In doing so, you will release the power of the subconscious mind which will manifest that which you think and truly believe.
  • Suggestions control your subconscious mind and when the mind is calm and present, your conscious thoughts can sink into the subconscious.
  • The more positive thoughts you provide to your subconscious, the more these will grow into your reality

The Two Types of Fears 

Normal Fears 

  • There are two basic fears we are all born with as humans
  • A fear of falling and fear of sudden loud noises 
  • These fears serve as a method of self-preservation and are not the issue 
  • All other fears are abnormal and were caused by 

Abnormal Fears 

  • Abnormal fears are caused by experiences from your past and/or passed along to you from others during your imprint years (0-7 years old) 
  • These fears occur when we let our minds run wild and are the destructive ones that lead to fears and self-sabotage
  • Examples of abnormal fears include fear of bankruptcy, fear of heights, fear of the dark, etc. 
  • Fearing something persistently causes panic and terror – the things we fear do not exist but we manifest them into reality by constantly fearing, believing, and expecting the worse.

A Technique to Overcome Fear 

  • Whenever thoughts of fear start to appear, find a quiet place without any distractions and put yourself into a deep state of relaxation 
  • Sit still and shift your focus to the opposite of what you fear
  • Visualize yourself tackling your fears head-on and make these images as detailed as possible 
  • The goal is to put emotion into it, really feel these visualize as if you were actually realizing them in that very moment
  • What you are doing is actually feeding your subconscious mind with the visuals and emotions from your imagination.
  • You are shifting your attention from what you fear to what you desire and by doing so you are no longer giving emotion or energy to that which you fear.
  • Expect the good, mentally concentrate on it, and just know that your subconscious has your back


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