Think back to the single worst event in your life; Did it defeat you or did you use it to your advantage and turn it into the greatest moment that ever happened to you?

In today’s episode, we’ve got a special guest by the name of AJ Garcia, whose story is nothing short of inspirational!

From rubbing shoulders with celebrities as a high-flying marketing executive to suddenly staring at a prison sentence of 25 years to life,  AJ shares the day that everything changed for him and how he ended up beating the charges but still hitting rock bottom when the judge sentenced him to serve 7 years in prison.

Despite being written off by friends and family, AJ never wrote himself off and actually committed himself to develop his mindset and psychology while serving his time.

It doesn't matter the obstacle, I will not be the side that crumbles Click To Tweet Our goal with this episode is to provide insight to help you with whatever obstacles you’re facing in life.

This is a story of how AJ used prison as the launching pad for his personal success, but it’s also about how you can use a potential setback to set up your future.

Some of the topics we discussed in today’s episode include: 

  • The fall from grace and the day that everything changed
  • Being written off by family and friends but keeping it together mentally 
  • Making opportunities out of setbacks
  • Finding motivation during the darkest times
  • Not having control over anything other than what you could control
  • Disassociating from thoughts like “What might happen” and embodying “it is what it is” as a driving motivator
  • The importance of routines in developing and maintaining a strong mindset 
  • The role of gratitude in maintaining a positive outlook on life 
  • Developing an indestructible “I am not going to lose” mindset 
  • Life after prison and being introduced to options trading 
  • The role a strong mindset plays in developing as a trader 


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