In today’s episode, we are excited to bring to you an interview with a special guest by the name of Etienne Crete, who is a full-time swing trader and is also the founder of the Desire To Trade podcast.

Etienne is known as the traveling forex trader and he really practices what he preaches – in fact, he has built a life of freedom that allows him to travel the world and pursue his passions while making a full-time income swing trading the forex markets.

When he’s not out exploring new cities and destinations, Etienne also mentors serious traders looking to quit their jobs and pursue trading full-time while also providing huge value to the global trading community in the form of his well-known Desire to Trade podcast. Our very own George Papazov has made several guest appearances on Etienne’s show and you can check out his latest interview here. 

In trading, I think you should be seeing yourself as the CEO of a company and not just a trader that takes trades Click To Tweet

We recently had the chance to sit down with Etienne (virtually, of course) for a great discussion on what it takes to be a successful full-time trader, how he made his breakthrough to profitable trading, the importance of developing a trading strategy that fits around your lifestyle, as well as the process of getting funded as a trader.

If you are even remotely interested in making a full-time career out of trading while creating a life of ultimate freedom, you do not want to miss this episode!

Here is a summary of what we discussed: 

  • Who is Etienne and what does he do? 01:25
  • How Etienne was introduced to the financial markets 02:30
  • What attracted Etienne to trading the forex markets 06:22
  • Initial challenges Etienne ran into when he started trading 08:00
  • The importance of developing your strategy as you mature as a trader 10:10
  • How Etienne used trading as a means to pursue his passion of traveling 15:00
  • The daily routine that Etienne practices in order to stay mentally sharp  18:20
  • The big realization that led to Etienne’s breakthrough into profitable trading 22:15
  • How seeing himself as the CEO of a company helped Etienne find consistency in his trading approach 27:15
  • Some of the limiting beliefs Etienne struggled with and how he overcame them  30:20
  • Why working with a performance coach helped Etienne develop his trading mindset 33:00
  • How professional traders handle losses and drawdowns  38:57
  • Starting a trading podcast to meet other traders and learn from them 42:50
  • The most common characteristic of successful traders 46:20
  • Getting funded by a private investor and going full-time with trading 50:00
  • How to know when it’s the right time to leverage your trading by taking on other people’s money 53:15
  • What Etienne would tell himself if he had to start trading all over again 57:12


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