Today’s episode is a big milestone for us at TRADEPRO Academy as we mark the 50th episode of this podcast!

To celebrate, we wanted to do something different, something that you guys have been asking for and we are excited to finally be able to deliver it to you!

We recently sat down with one of our most successful TRADEPRO students, Ryker Savage, for a great discussion on his trading journey since finding TRADEPRO Academy, how he uses technology to help him stay on top of his trading psychology and how his lifestyle has changed since finding success trading the futures markets!

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Ryker originally hit our radars in our morning trading room one day when he commented to the panelists that he had made a sizeable chunk of money on the session and was extremely grateful for the resources and support that we provide to our community!

Fast forward a couple of weeks later and we received a notification of a new review posted to our TRADEPRO Academy business page on Google, in which Ryker mentioned that in a few short months he had gone from knowing nothing about day trading to making good money in only a couple of minutes a day.

The next time we heard from Ryker, we received an email with a picture of a beautiful beach house attached to it…it turns out that he had used some of the profits he made from trading to invest in a vacation home in the Caribbean…talk about living a TRADEPRO lifestyle!

Ryker’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable! What is most impressive is how quickly he was able to learn the foundations and concepts that we teach and apply them in the live market environment with great success! But after listening to this episode, you’ll understand that this wasn’t a fluke or luck by any means!

Ryker has committed his entire being to develop his craft and today you’ll get some great insight into the mindset and routines of a full-time professional trader.

Here is a summary of what we discussed: 

  • Views on money as opportunity and the concept of freedom tickets 03:15
  • The initial challenges Ryker faced when starting his trading journey 08:30
  • Transferring risk management skills from a previous career into trading 13:00
  • Why having trust in yourself is paramount when making risk decisions  16:45
  • The importance of a positive relationship with risk 19:15
  • Why Ryker considers himself an adaptive trader 23:13
  • Using a heart rate monitor to stay on top of mental capital and physiology 25:30
  • Why Ryker uses virtual reality goggles to perform his technical analysis 30:50
  • How Ryker determines when to step on it and when to walk away from the screens 34:20
  • If you are not confident enough to trade your strategy live, what good will sim trading do you? 37:50
  • Making the decision to scale up the trading account and the process around it 41:47
  • The “lost capital” approach to prevent being over-protective of capital 47:00
  • Why managing your expectations and focusing on the process always wins in the long-term 54:00
  • The lifestyle Ryker gets to enjoy as a full-time trader 60:00


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