In this episode, we are excited to bring to you a special guest interview on the Mind Over Markets Podcast!

We recently sat down with one of our very own traders and coaches, Victorio Stefanov, for a great discussion on his trading journey and the key lessons he’s learned along the way.

In addition to his own story, Victorio has worked with 50+ traders in a coaching capacity, so he also shares an interesting perspective on the struggles of new traders from the viewpoint of a mentor.

He is one of the most disciplined traders that we know so there is a lot that you will take away from his journey!

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Back in 2015, Victorio had dropped out of Engineering at McMaster University and around the same time, his father ran into George at a Starbucks and set up a meeting between them.

Shortly after he met with George, Victorio decided that trading was the path that he wanted to pursue and so he signed up to TRADEPRO Academy to start the journey – in fact – Victorio was actually one of the first members of TRADEPRO Academy.

Victorio started to trade the options markets with some success around 2016 after going through the TRADEPRO courses and building out a trading plan, all while studying Financial Planning full-time at George Brown College.

Over the next year (2017), Victorio joined the TRADEPRO Academy team on a part-time basis and started to learn how to day trade the futures markets alongside his mentor George.

After encountering some initial setbacks during his early months trading futures, Victorio stuck with it and carved out his own niche which is when he started to close out back to back weeks in the green.

Fast forward to 2020 and Victorio is a full-time trader and coach/mentor at TRADEPRO Academy, where he focuses on running the morning and ELITE trading rooms and coaching traders individually and in group settings to help them achieve consistent profitability.

Stick around until the end because you will walk away with some great insights on trading psychology and the challenges traders face as they work towards consistent profitability.

Here is a summary of what we discussed: 

  • How Victorio got started with trading 02:20 
  • The challenges of day trading while being a full-time student 07:40
  • Some of the mistakes Victorio made early in his trading journey 10:00
  • How Victorio gauges success in his own trading 20:00
  • Why you don’t have to trade every single day to be a day trader 23:50 
  • A walkthrough of Victorio’s trading process 27:42
  • The most important part of Victorio’s trading plan 34:20
  • Walking the fine line between holding onto a trade because of instinct vs being stubborn 36:00
  • Looking for trades that you are unable to disqualify 39:00
  • Learning when to step on it and when to stay away 42:17
  • The role psychology and mindset play towards successful trading 45:45
  • How Victorio dealt with limiting beliefs at the start of his journey 48:30
  • Gauging your mental capital meter before trading 50:50
  • Bouncing back from a losing trade with NBT’s 53:07
  • Keeping yourself accountable if you break your trading rules 56:50
  • Working on weaknesses to fuel your growth 59:15
  • Why you will often fail the plan before the plan fails you 62:30
  • The characteristics of the most successful coaching students 65:00
  • The one thing Victorio would tell himself if he had to start all over again today 68:45


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