In today’s episode, we discuss the things that no one tells you about full-time trading!

As a bunch of guys that have been trading full-time for the last several years, we are able to share some of our own insights on the benefits and challenges of trading for a living.

If you look on Youtube or on social media, the marketing tactics from charlatans are to pinpoint your problems (time or money) and try to solve it with trading.

It’s a magic pill industry and we have a problem with that at TRADEPRO Academy so we’re here to set the record straight

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We reflected on our own experiences as full-time traders and put together the following  list of thirteen things that no one tells you about full-time trading:

  1. You are becoming an entrepreneur
  2. You have to embrace uncertainty
  3. You have to constantly look at challenges as opportunities
  4. You will become more self-aware and reflective
  5. You will look at everything as risk versus reward
  6. It can be lonely to trade full-time alone
  7. You will have a lot of extra time to pursue other hobbies and interests
  8. Your traditional nine to five career diminishes over time
  9. You will need to focus more on your health
  10. You have to focus on personal development
  11. Money stops making sense
  12. You have to be or become a fighter
  13. It really changes your life!

You will walk away from this episode with a deeper understanding of the realities of full-time trading so that you are best prepared to determine whether this is a career where the risk versus rewards lies in your favor!

In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • How full-time trading is a form of entrepreneurship 04:30
  • Why uncertainty is our business and you have to embrace it  11:00
  • How you deal with challenges can affect your chances of success 15:20
  • Why being self-aware and reflective allows you to give yourself the feedback to continue to progress 21:00
  • Why trading alone can get really dark fast 28:00
  • Why you need hobbies and interests to pursue outside of trading 38:00
  • How your career resume gets stale quick as a trader 42:12
  • How your mental and physical health impact your trading performance 47:00
  • Why personal development is important towards your growth as a trader 50:15
  • How money stops making sense after a while 54:15
  • Why you’ve gotta release your inner fighter 59:50
  • How trading really changes your life 62:00

We Also Discuss:

  • How being in a community of traders helps you embrace uncertainty 13:04
  • Why full-time trading is not for everyone 16:50
  • How life is all about filling gaps 24:00
  • Georges experience trading alone 30:00
  • Why stagnation is not a good approach to trading 52:00


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