In this episode, we’re excited to bring out our friend Matt Brown for a great discussion on consciousness, personal development and abundance. 

Matt has been working on his own personal development for over 10 years now after being introduced to the concept by a friend while living overseas in Spain.

We believe that a lot about success has to do with the inner-self and that by learning how to work on yourself, you will, in effect, be making yourself a better trader.

A lot of the success we’ve seen in our community is when traders get to the stage where they realize that they are the ones standing in their own way to their goals.

This could be for a number of reasons such as limiting beliefs kept since childhood or not understanding their relationship with money.

Everybody deserves to be successful but they must first believe it and be in harmony with their actions in order to receive that which they desire.

That’s exactly the focus of this discussion! How to allow yourself to step into the reality of “you” where money isn’t an obstacle so that you can unlock your limitless potential!

Everyone truly has a positive intention behind every action that they take Click To Tweet

Here is a summary of what we discussed: 

  • The unorthodox way that Matt got introduced to personal development 02:17
  • Going all-in on himself by speaking with his father  06:00
  • How Matt identified the purpose of money in his life to overcome the saver mindset 12:25
  • The importance of identifying your relationship with money 13:45
  • The subconscious identity and the logical levels of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming) 16:05
  • Your financial barometer and the shift required to go from a saver identity to an abundant one 19:30
  • Matt’s experience with money identity hypnosis and deserving success  27:45
  • Once you accept a belief it will funnel down the logical levels 32:15
  • How to hack the victim mentality with this one sentence  34:45
  • The three qualities that make entrepreneurs successful 43:25
  • Knowing your core values and aligning them with your actions 50:00
  • Matt’s favorite mental model that he uses for everything 51:42
  • How your internal vibrations will affect everything that you do 55:00
  • A self-check-in routine that you can use each morning before trading 57:00
  • What is the intention behind your actions 61:00


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  1. Very insightful podcast. Very grateful for the information shared especially the book recommendations

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