The Hard Realization that Once You’re a Trader…

Mind Over Markets Podcast Show Notes Summary: Episode – “The Hard Realization that Once You’re a Trader, You’re a Trader Forever”


Host: George Papazov.

Trading experience: 24 years.

Founder of TRADEPRO Academy.

Highlights the global community of traders at TRADEPRO Academy.


Podcast Is Back:

Explanation for the 2-year hiatus.

Recognition of the podcast’s top 1% ranking in Spotify’s yearly wrapped numbers.

Emotional reaction to podcast success.

Humorous denial of tears due to traders being “emotionless robots.”

Announcement: “I’M BACK!”


Future Plans:

Return to a weekly schedule, every Thursday at 3 AM EST.

Focus on trading psychology, order flow technicals, performance, and wholesome content.

Initial solo-style episodes for audience feedback.


Engagement and Interaction:

Audience encouraged to give the podcast a chance and provide feedback.

Introduction of a platform for questions and feedback:

Host’s Journey:


Insight into the host’s last two years.

Pursuit of childhood dream in music.

Pause in music career after a friend’s tragic accident in 2003.

Mid-life crisis decision to try music after 20 years of trading.

Creation of a studio and production of songs with significant streaming success (400,000+ streams).


Comparison of Trading and Music:

Acknowledgment of the challenges in the music business.

Recognition that trading offers faster and more consistent income compared to music.

Lifestyle impact of the music industry, affecting family life and health.


The Pull of Trading:

Financial aspects and the devaluation of money after successful trading.

Lifestyle comparison with the studio life, its impact on sleep patterns, and overall well-being.

Missed connection with the trading community and the challenges of the markets.

Return to Trading:


Acknowledgment of trading’s difficulty.

The unique aspect of trading where once profitable, the skill remains.

Reflection on the limitless opportunities trading provides, contrasting with other professions.

Personal realization: “Once a trader, always a trader.”

Closing and Future Podcasts:


Acknowledgment of trading enabling the pursuit of a childhood dream in music.

Comfort provided by trading as a safety blanket for exploring other interests.

Acknowledgment of discomfort when straying from trading and the commitment to never lose touch again.

Upcoming deep dives into trading and psychology topics.

Call to action for audience participation: send voice notes on experiences and topic requests.



Expression of gratitude and love to the audience.

Promise to continue creating content for and with the audience.

Call to action: Leave a review on iTunes.

Invitation to join the TRADEPRO Academy community at

Closing Signature:

“Sending you love, joy, health, and happiness, until next time.”

“Love you.”


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