A trading strategy is critical to your success, but do you know the process to create one?

Every day we hear someone telling us that WE NEED a trading strategy.  So much emphasis is put on this topic, that new traders rush the process and are doomed from the beginning.

In today’s episode, we really dive deep into the process you should follow to refine your idea into a professional trading strategy.  It isn’t just about having an idea and then going to SIM to start “testing”.  

In this episode, I give you the complete steps to ensure that you create a strategy that works, because it is battle-tested and aligned TO YOU as the operator.

Here is an overview of the strategy creation process:

  1. Start with an idea.
  2. Create a one-pager. 
  3. Back-test with software.
  4. A/RS – Analyze then Reiterate or Scrap 
  5. Live test in SIM.
  6. A/RS – Analyze then Reiterate or Scrap
  7. Live test with real money, small scale.
  8. Review and create a scaling plan.
  9. Trade, Review & Adjust

If you follow this process, along with the notes in the podcast episode, you will find the flaws in the strategy long before you commit real money to it.

This means that you will have all the confidence in the system and yourself by the time it passes the stringent quality control in the process above.  

You WILL FINALLY find your edge and yourself as a trader – and that should be extremely exciting to you.

Lastly, as promised, here is the “idea one-pager” I started with this holiday season to back test the 30-second opening range.  I have since made MANY changes in qualifiers and avoided the infamous chop that comes with this age old strategy.

The point is, you get an idea for a starting ground FOR YOUR next trading idea.

Thank you for listening, and have an amazing rest of your day.


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