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95. Want To Be A Good Trader? Become A Good Analyst First.

In this episode we talk about a common mistake all new traders make.   The mistake is starting a new career in the wrong position.  It’s a costly mistake that ruins would be traders before they even start. There is a way to fix this, and...

94. Why Your Trading Goals Are Holding You Back.

The biggest problem with goals is that they are a prediction of the future.  Sure it’s amazing to know what you want, but sometimes planning too much on how exactly you will achieve them leaves blind spots to the reality of how you’re gonna get...

93. Performance Metrics You Need To Be Using

Total profit is the worst performance metric you can use, because it ignores what you actually did to generate it.  In this episode I share my favorite 6 performance metrics, and the story they tell about your trading.  Using these metrics, you can uncover areas...

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