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19. Interview with Veteran Futures Trader Anthony Drager

In this episode, we are excited to bring to you the first guest interview on the Mind over Markets podcast! We recently had the pleasure to sit down and chat with veteran futures trader Anthony Drager, who is also the founder of Edge Trading Group...

18. How to Stop Overtrading

As the title suggests, in today’s episode, we focus our attention on the topic of how to stop overtrading! A lot of the feedback we hear from our community of traders on Youtube is that overtrading is something that they regularly struggle with…and we get...

17. Recovering from a Blown Account

In today’s episode, we discuss how to bounce back after blowing your trading account! Because let’s face it, blown accounts are sort of considered an “initiation” if you plan on sticking around this industry for any amount of time. In fact, we don’t personally know...

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