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9. Path to Profit Book Review

Get ready! We’re flipping the script completely today here on Mind Over Markets. Your host, George Papazov, just finished writing his first book and we’re asking him all about it. You’ll discover the inspiration behind his book and the motivations that led him to finally...

8. Mental Toughness

If you never thought of trading as a sport, this episode of Mind Over Markets is going to blow your mind. Because you’re more like a professional athlete than you think. Just like playing a professional sport, pulling off trade strategies requires a lot of...

7. Goals and Actionable Outcomes for the New Year

It’s that time of year again, time for all the new goals and resolutions for the New Year. But did you know that nearly 80% of people give up on their goals by the middle of February? That’s barely 45 days into the New Year....

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