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88. Order Flow and Trading Execution with Job and Leo

Job, Leo and myself talk all order flow, trading execution and strategy. In this episode we deep dive into a lot of topics new traders have a struggle with; picking a market to trade and utilizing a strategy with an edge.  This is a fantastic...

87. My 5 Biggest Failures and Learning Lessons

Traders are professional loss takers – that’s what makes us different. In today’s episode I will share with you my 5 biggest failures, and how they actually helped me in both life and trading. I personally believe in a saying, “there is no failure, only...

86. Why Trading Discipline is SO Hard.

Trading discipline is a loosely thrown around term, but what does it actually  mean?  What causes you to break down discipline, and how do you fix these actions to improve your trading performance? This episode discusses the 5 reasons your trading discipline breaks down, with...

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