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45. Lessons I Learned as a Bank Trader (and why I left)

In today’s episode, George speaks on some of the lessons that he learned during his time as trader for an international bank in Canada including why he ultimately left the gig to pursue independent trading and focus on TRADEPRO Academy!  Here are the 9 lessons...

44. Should You Specialize in One Market or Trade Many?

In today’s episode, we are going to be discussing whether you should trade one market or many markets when you start your trading business.  A lot of new traders tend to spin their wheels by jumping from market to market, whereas the majority of consistently...

43. How to Overcome Shiny Ball Syndrome in Trading

In today’s episode, Mark discusses the syndrome that prevents many new and experienced traders from finding the consistent profitability that they desire!  This is actually something that people experience in many different facets of life (outside of trading) but it holds especially relevant as it...

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