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28. Interview with Former Proprietary Trader Brad Alcini

In this episode, we’re excited to bring to you a new guest interview on the Mind Over Markets Podcast! We recently sat down with our colleague and former prop trader, Brad Alcini, for a great chat on what it’s like to be a professional trader....

27. How to Build a High Performance Home Trading Environment

In today’s episode, we discuss how your physical environment influences your trading performance, as well as the components that go into building a high-performance trading environment so that you can put together a space that inspires you every time you sit down to trade!  Working...

26. How to Build a Morning Routine for Success

In today’s episode, we are going to be speaking on some of the morning routines and rituals that traders can use to put themselves into the right mindset for high-performance trading!  Routines and rituals are actually an integral part of daily life and every person...

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