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100. The 100 min Roast of George and Victorio

We made it to episode 100! Today we have two episodes into one, where Victorio and myself take turns asking each other 10 trading questions, and 10 funny questions designed to embarrass one another and share a good laugh. I want to thank you for...

99. Trading Strategy and Execution with Anthony Drager

Anthony Drager discusses his personal trading strategy and how he executes on order flow in the futures market. He draws on some fascinating experience from the trading floor and his transition to electronic trading at a prop firm.  In this episode we get personal and...

98. How Buyers and Sellers Move the Market

In this fascinating episode we talk about how buying and selling actually moves the markets.  This isn’t an indicator or strategy, this is the VERY REASON that MARKETS MOVE! We do a deep dive on market and limit orders, and how big position traders move...

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