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49. Striking the Right Balance between Overtrading and Undertrading

One of the common struggles that most traders face is how to strike the right balance between overtrading and undertrading. In today’s episode, we discuss how to define overtrading and undertrading so that you can better understand how each of them can impact your mindset...

48. Why You Can’t Follow Your Trading Plan (& How To Fix It)

In today’s episode, we are going to be identifying some of the reasons why traders have difficulty following their trading plans and offering some tips on how you can effectively follow your plan.  Trading is the hardest easy money you can make and when done...

47. How to Bust Through Trading Plateaus & Level Up Your Trading

Whether you are already consistently profitable or are a breakeven trader struggling to achieve consistent profitability, there will come a time ( or many) in your journey, when you feel that all the effort you are putting into trading is not providing that steady improvement...

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